Tragedy Mask Pin Available Now and the Enamel Pin craze!

Hey all,  I wanted to announce that I've just released my 2nd Soft Enamel Pin. "Tragedy Mask" pins that are inspired by The Crow and Brandon Lee. Here is a look how they turned out:

I'm pretty excited about the possibilities of creating and designing enamel pins, I've only created two so far, but have designs for so many more. I think it's becoming a new craze, the collecting and making of these pins. It's a wonderful way to collect and show off a piece of art by an artist you admire. I'm collecting and trading up a storm lately.  I will have some exciting releases coming up this year, so keep updated. Here is a look at my two pins together:

If you are interested in purchasing one (or both) for yourself or loved ones, go HERE to buy. 

In addition Creature Features in Burbank, California have a small number of "Green Bat Creature" Pins available IN STORE at their Burbank location. This is a great store for collectors of Special Effects Makeup, Monster movies and anything Science Fiction/Fantasy. My pin seems to fit right in, look for it in their "Dracula Case" next time you're in! Check out Creature Features hours and info HERE on their website.