Crazy4Cult 11 and 31st Annual Drawing Exhibition at La Luz De Jesus Gallery.

Hey guys, I will have two upcoming and exciting shows! I will be debut two new pins for Gallery1988's annual Crazy4Cult group art show. Opening Reception will be from 7-10pm on Friday, November 17th, 2017.  For more Info: Gallery1988


And on December 1st, 2017 I am honored to be asked to create a piece for the amazing (Now 31st annual!) Drawing Show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Feliz.  Stay tuned for online previews coming this month. For more info: La Luz De Jesus




31st Anniversary Drawing Show
Exhibition: December 1-31
Reception: Fri. Dec. 1, 8-11 PM

2017 is our 31st year of continuous, monthly exhibitions.

Think about that: La Luz de Jesus Gallery is 31 years old! Some of the artists in this show weren’t even born yet when Billy Shire decided to clear out the storage apartment at the corner of Melrose and Martel, upstairs from his flagship Soap Plant shop with marked purpose. His vision: to showcase the incredible, ethnic folk art he brought back from Mexico, Guatemala, and museum quality pieces from Asia and elsewhere alongside that of his talented friends–people who were finding a hard time being taken seriously by the art establishment of the era in spite of their technical prowess. His experiment has spawned a legacy. The renewed interest in illustration art resultant from his gallery’s success influenced the zeitgeist, and launched industries. The lowbrow movement of California Art (which in turn informed the Pop Surrealists that followed) influenced fashion, television, film and culture. The rest, as they say, is history.

The 31st Anniversary Drawing Show is an invitational event that traces the history of Post-Pop in its birthplace.
We chose from the best illustrators featured in the 31 year history of La Luz de Jesus to create a new, original drawing for this show, allowing us to trace a line all the way from Robert Williams to Annie Owens.

Since this is a drawing show, the work will be graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, ink or ballpoint pen, watercolor and/or gouache on paper. Whatever the preferred technique, the dominant medium of expression will classify the work as a drawing. All works are
16×20″ or smaller before framing.

The last time we embarked on something this ambitious was for our 25th anniversary book project back in 2011. The last six years have been particularly fertile and we expect this show will close out the year on an exceptionally high note.

Sign up for our newsletter here to be notified about pre-sales.
Contact gallery director Matt Kennedy for more specific info by email or by phone: (323)666-7667



Chogrin curated tribute to Guillermo Del Toro show at Copro Gallery + Chet Zar

I'm honored to be included in this fabulous show THIS SATURDAY (10/7/17)AT Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, California. Check the details and show flyer:





"Artist & art gallery curator, Chogrin, teams up with Copro gallery to present 

GUILLERMO DEL TORO: INSPIRATIONS, CURIOSITIES, & OTHER ODDITIES, an art tribute to artist & filmmaker, Guillermo del Toro. 

This show will be the fourth in a series of art shows that Chogrin has been putting together in tribute to del Toro that began in 2013 with "Into the Labyrinth & Mind of Guillermo del Toro," followed by "In Service of Monsters" in 2015, and last year's "Labyrinths & Monsters."

The theme of this show will pay tribute to del Toro's main sources of inspiration like Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Insects, Kaiju, the occult, his favorite films, and much more! Featuring over 50 artists from around the world!

GUILLERMO DEL TORO: INSPIRATIONS, CURIOSITIES, & OTHER ODDITIES premieres this Saturday, October 7th, 2017 at Copro Gallery ( Don't miss it!"

If that wasn't a night out enough, the show will be paired with Chet Zar's new solo show. So it will be a goth party not to be missed! It all starts at 8pm-11:30pm on October 7th. See you there!





Updates and Upcoming Art Shows! Kubrick, Bojack Horseman, Focus Features and Del Toro!

Hey people! I know it has been a little bit since i've updated this blog but i'm sure my INSTAGRAM has been your main source for show updates and art drops anyways. That being said, let me update you! 

I'm currently in three shows in Los Angeles, California at the time of writing this that feature original works exclusively. I was extremely honored to be asked to contribute to Creature Feature's THROUGH THE MIND'S EYE: An Art tribute to the work of Stanley Kubrick which is running from September 2nd, 2017 until it comes down at the end of September. Check it out at Creature Features.

I'm also in both of the current shows at Gallery 1988. The official BoJack Horseman tribute show and the official Focus Features 10th anniversary art tribute show. Both can be viewed online for purchases and info HERE. Both of those shows run until September 30th and Oct 4th respectively. 

And coming up next month! I will make my group art show debut at Copronanson Gallery in Santa Monica, Ca for the Chogrin curated GUILLERMO DEL TORO: Inspirations, Curiosities and Other Oddities. That will open with Chet Zar's new solo show too, so not to be missed. The opening reception for that will be  Saturday Oct 7th, at 8pm. For more info check them out at COPRO GALLERY. 



Thanks All,


REUNION first featured exhibition opens at La Luz De Jesus Gallery

Hey Gang, 

The art shows keep coming!. I have a ton of new shows and artwork I want to share with you,  but  first I must announce that REUNION my first featured exhibition opened June 2nd, 2017 at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, California. Here are some images from the opening night!

A exclusive preview of all thirteen new original pieces can be found HERE


Nathan Anderson, Christopher Bales, Howard Hallis, & Gea*
June 2 – July 2, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, June 2nd, 8-11 PM


La Luz De Jesus Gallery presents the first feature exhibition for Nathan Anderson whose pop culture parody portraits are always among the first to sell in our Coaster Show. He’s in good company with Gea* whose first Los Angeles feature here last year was eagerly snatched up by hungry collectors–none of whom bought just one of her deliriously debased drawings of nymphs gone naughty.

It’s hard to believe that our last Howard Hallis show was 2011’s The Picture of Everything, which was the unveiling of a fifteen foot tall and twelve foot wide mixed-illustrated-media drawing of every pop culture reference imaginable up to that point, and which took thirteen years to complete. With the explosion of memes in the past six years you can expect this exhibition of Howard’s trademark lenticular collages to be both timely and timeless. And who better to pair with a wizard of three dimensions than Christopher Bales, whose own (actually) three-dimensional assemblages breathe new rococo life into rare and discarded fixtures, trophies, and even text books.



Nathan Anderson is an artist and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Nathan is a graduate of The Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has his BFA in Filmmaking and has been exhibited in galleries all over the US and Canada.

His recent projects include the web series Northbound and following feature film Northstar and contributing designs for the trading card series based on Cartoon Network’s popular Adventure Time. His mural to LA Writer Charles Bukowski in the Los Feliz neighborhood of California is a go-to public art destination in a city renown for its murals.

Nathan regularly exhibits at Gallery 1988, Hero Complex Gallery, Creature Features Gallery, Gabba Gallery, and La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, California.



It seems cheap to pigeonhole assemblage artist Christopher Bales’ work as merely steampunk: his aesthetic is older than that. Although he sometimes uses antique and vintage materials associated with the genre, such as metal cogs, the final product often looks more like an altar constructed from the rubble of a pre-Victorian cathedral.

Bales, who has been assembling these intricate sculptures since 1989, said he sources “an enormous amount of objects”—like broken wooden boxes, dolls, clocks, picture frames, figurines—from his weekly visits to flea markets and thrift stores.

When he starts a new piece, he says he doesn’t have a preconceived notion of what the end result will be, but following his intuition when layering cutouts of classic paintings over etchings with skulls and religious imagery creates enough detail for the viewer to stay engaged but not overwhelmed. –Sacramento Bee

Hope, Fear and the Journey to Earth is Christopher Bales third feature exhibition at La Luz de Jesus Gallery.



Gea* is a chilean-born, multidisciplinary artist based in New York. Her unique work encompasses drawing, painting, illustration, digital arts and media, photography, film and animation. An autodidact, she has exhibited solo and in group shows in New York, Los Angeles, Santiago, Zurich, and Toronto and collaborated creatively with Momus, JG Thirlwell and Jeffrey Bützer.

Her delightfully kinky drawings of girls in various degrees of distress, dominance and depravity draw on influences from Trevor Brown and Stu Mead to Suehiro Maruo and Francis Bacon, but with an informed femininity that makes her work unique and even obsession-worthy.

This is her second feature exhibition at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, and if the last show was any indication of her popularity in Los Angeles, would-be collectors are advised to get in touch ASAP.



After graduating from UCLA in 1994, Howard Hallis worked as a personal assistant to professor Timothy Leary, collaborating with him on the book Surfing the Conscious Nets: A Graphic Novel. Hallis went on to create a tarot card deck based on the movie Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Howard’s parody of Jack Chick religious pamphlets, Who Will Be Eaten First?, based upon the H. P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos, prompted Chick Publications to issue him a cease and desist letter, and his groundbreaking The Picture of Everything–a fifteen foot tall drawing that references all things Pop Culture, cemented Hallis’ reputation with the Wired crowd.

Howard helped to create websites for the animation studio Klasky Csupo, and supervised the first karaoke tracks for the band Bauhaus. He has written articles for the alternative zine Ben Is Dead and the San Francisco Herald, self-published comics (Alien Man) and collaborated on publications for DC & Marvel. Howard is considered to be one of the foremost authorities on the character Doctor Strange and the process of lenticulation, which provides the medium for this exhibition–including a 22×28″ lenticular of The Picture of Everything.


And I also added new work from my recent exhibitions at Gallery 1988 and Hero Complex Gallery. Check them out in the PORTFOLIO section. 

Cheers all!



Memes Art show at Gallery 1988 (West) Opening Reception April 14th, 2017

I will have an original piece on display along with a very limited edition of prints for MEMES. This show is such a great idea, artwork inspired by internet memes! Memes opens April 14th at Gallery 1988 (West Location) I've teased some images via my Instagram already but here is the advert for the show (Artwork by Scott Balmer):

About the show: "We open Memes, a celebration of our favorite things on the internet. Join us from 7-9 at 7308 Melrose Ave for one of our favorite shows of the year. It will be your first opportunity to pick up work, then online the following day at for remaining works."

And some of my previews here:




Featured on Back Cover of Hi-Fructose Magazine Vol. 43 (On stands now!)

Super excited to have my June La Luz De Jesus Gallery exhibition advertisement featured on the back cover of the new Hi-Fructose Magazine Vol. 43, on stands now everywhere. Hi-Fructose is a major art magazine that spotlights artists and upcoming art shows. I'm so pleased to be highlighted in a magazine that I poured over when I was a student in art college. Here is the cover:

And some screenshots of the back cover featuring the ad for my first exhibition at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in June in Los Angeles, California.

And a closeup of my first tease of the show inspired by Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas:

For more info about the June show go to LA LUZ DE JESUS GALLERY.

and more about HI-FRUCTOSE magazine.


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! First featured exhibition at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in JUNE 2017

I'm so excited to announce that I will have my first featured exhibition at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, California in June 2017. Special Thanks for Matt Kennedy and Billy Shire for believing in my work and showcasing it such a wonderful way. Below is the flyer for the show, which has an opening reception on June 2nd, 2017. I share this honor with three other exceptionally talented artists, Gea, Christopher Bales and Howard Halles!

Visit La Luz De Jesus Gallery's Website for the official press release! More updates and artwork teasers as we near the event.


Gallery Shows! Sketchpad Gallery, Creature Features with William Stout!

So hey all, I've been creating a ton of exciting new artwork for some upcoming shows the end of this month and next. First up, Leading Ladies at Sketchpad Gallery in San Francisco! I'm so excited to be showing with the curating titans TIMEBEARDS (Artists Luke Harrington and Craig Drake) in collaboration with Sketchpad Gallery in San Francisco, California. The show will honor the leading ladies of Pop Culture! Here are some of the ads for the show:

And this ad image above teases my contribution to the show, Marge Gunderson (Francis McDormand) from Fargo. One of my all time favorite leading ladies! The opening night reception is Saturday, Feb 25th, 5-9pm, only at Sketchpad Gallery in San Francisco, California.


In March, I will have exclusive prints for Creature Features tribute to the one and only KING KONG! The Art of KING KONG (With William Stout) opens Saturday, March 4th, 6 to 9 pm! Only at Creature Features in Burbank, California.



Interviewed by Director Adam McDaniel for upcoming Richard Amsel Documentary!

Hey guys, I was recently Interviewed by Director Adam McDaniel today for his upcoming documentary about life and work of artist Richard Amsel. Here is the report from the Amsel: Illustrator of the Lost Art blog about our meeting. Below is what it read:

"It had been a while since my last filmed interview for the documentary. Not that I haven't been busy in the time since -- I was just burned out from traveling and lugging my camera equipment everywhere. For about six months straight, it seemed every weekend was dedicated to filming someone. I loved it all, but then I had other things to keep me occupied over the holiday season: drafting the Indiegogo campaign (which will have more attention, with videos and promos, in the future); going through and color correcting a large collection of Amsel images; assembling teams to work on the motion graphics and transcribe interviews; discussing musical ideas and themes with a composer; taking classes to better prepare myself for the eventual editing and assembly of the seemingly endless number of hours I've shot thus far...

Nevermind the rigors of my full time day job...or hosting Christmas and New Year's parties for my friends.

So when I met Nathan Anderson at his home outside Los Feliz, I was a little apprehensive about finding my directing groove again. But Nathan not only greeted me warmly...he actually helped lug some of the equipment from out of my rinky-dink yellow car* into his apartment.

Nathan is an artist relatively new to the illustration scene, but his work has made an impressive footprint in art and pop culture galleries in L.A. in recent years. He adores movies...and I adore his work.

He also is one of the few illustrators who still prefers to work through traditional methods, rather than digital painting. Much of his work is also surprisingly small; they're just so detailed and tight that they still hold up in reprints, blown up several times their original sizes. "I'm an optimist with this stuff. ... We're in a boom now with computer generated work, work that's getting even more two dimensional in design and minimal. ... I just wonder if illustration, and that hand-drawn quality will come back in some way. People will crave something that's hand made. ... People can tell the difference when they look at it."

I asked him how he felt when he learned of Amsel's death. "The first thing it reminded me of was Freddie Mercury," he said. "This guy that burnt so bright, and was taken away so early. ... He kind of was like a rock star, like Mercury."

On Amsel's work, Nathan cited an old, paperback novelization of RAIDERS with Amsel's art on the cover, that he had adored as a child. "He inspired my own sense of adventure," he said. "Those things were like baseball cards. ... I carried them around with me so much that they held a power of their own. ... I feel that with a lot of the movie poster and pop culture stuff, the guys not only worked in the field, they put power in the subject matter. And that is what inspired me."

Holiday Shuffle! Creature Feature's Amblin35, Drew Sruzan and Tom Hanks!

Hey guys, I hope you all have weathered the storm of 2016. It's been a complete nightmare on our hearts but I look forward to the coming new year and what it might hold. If you have been following me on my Instagram (@naarrt) you will have seen my December show notices. The Amblin35 tribute to all things Amblin Entertainment at Creature Features was amazing and sharing the wall with Drew Struzan and 50 other artists was quite an experience. Check out this video that recaps the event! (unfortunately I was unable to attend the private event here, but you can see my piece in this video)


and my piece for the show was inspired by "Joe Versus The Volcano", a 1990 film starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Here is a look at the piece:

View it in the GALLERY section HERE.



Hey All, take a moment to check out this video tribute to BERNIE WRIGHTSON featuring some of my art (my piece "Midnight Monster" is featured in close up at 1:45). So many talented artists included in this tribute show and this video is a very moving testimonial of Bernie's influence and legacy.  

Check out CREATURE FEATURES for more info. 

Bernie Wrightson Art Gallery Tribute Exhibit 10/8 and MacReady's Madness Art Print Release

I will have an Original Drawing (With a small run of Prints) for BERNIE WRIGHTSON ART GALLERY TRIBUTE EXHIBIT at Creature Features in Burbank, California on Saturday 10/8/2016 - The opening will be from 6pm - 9pm.  So excited to be a part of this killer show honoring one of the Masters!

Info about the show:

"Legendary artist Bernie Wrightson has created artwork to delight and disturb for over 45 years. Whether illustrating comics for DC, Marvel and Warren Publishing, collaborating on book illustrations with author Stephen King, or doing designs for movies like Ghostbusters, George Romero’s Land of the Dead or Frank Darabont’s The Mist, Wrightson has long been considered a true master of the macabre. Most notable is his 7-year stretch creating 50 detailed pen-and-ink drawings for Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, a career high point, never to be surpassed.

This October, Creature Features celebrates Wrightson’s life and career with a unique gallery exhibit showcasing top artists paying tribute to the master with their own original paintings and sculptures dedicated to his work. 

Curated by make-up FX artist John Wrightson (Bernie’s son) and gallery owner Taylor White, this event will feature artists' homages to such Wrightson creations as DC’s Swamp Thing, House of Mystery and House of Secrets, Heavy Metal’s Captain Sternn, Warren’s Creepy and Eerie and, of course, his iconic rendition of Frankenstein.

The exhibit opens on Saturday, October 8th from 6pm to 9pm and will also include a special display tracing Wrightson’s colorful career with original artwork, concept art, comics, movie posters, books, sculptures, model kits, trading cards and much more. 

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each tribute piece of artwork and all merchandise being offered will be donated to Bernie Wrightson."

RSVP HERE for the show. 

"MacReady's Madness" 13"x19" Art print inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing. 

Purchase HERE

Green Bat Creature Stickers Release and Upcoming Halloween Drops 9/30/2016

I write this on the last day of September and I'm completely excited for October to arrive! Halloween is creeping up like the grim reaper fast this year and I'm determined to be ready. I will have some awesome new releases in October: A long awaited print release and also a few surprise print releases. I am currently creating work for two shows at Creature Features in Burbank (I will reveal the details about both soon) and just released a more detailed version of my Green Bat Creature design as a die-cut vinyl sticker. 

They are available now as a Two Sticker Set in my STORE

Look out for new updates coming all the time! and please take a moment to follow me on any of my social media outlets if you haven't already. I'm NAARRT on all of them! Happy Almost Halloween! - Nathan

The Coaster Show (on display until 10.2.2016)

The Coaster Show opened 9/2/2016 in Los Feliz at La Luz De Jesus Gallery (Yes, the place that homes the Naked Trump statue) You can view the amazing Coaster art now, until 10/2/2016 when it comes down. Also, if you are not in the Los Angeles area here are some pics from the event and the online show can be found HERE. My "Hit-Girl" has sold but you can still get one of my other three original coasters at a reasonable price. Don't miss getting one!

Amazing Press Coverage for KURT RUSSELL: Deep Cuts + Stuntman Mike Prints!

KURT RUSSELL: Deep Cuts Art Show was a smash over this past weekend in San Francisco (8/27) It was well covered in the local press and internet sites as well. Here is just a handful of hits we got:


To get a print of Stuntman Mike go to the ONLINE drop through Time Beards and Little Print Monster to get yourself one before he speeds off!


Two Amazing Art Openings! Kurt Russell and Coaster Show!

Hey guys, 

I'm so pleased to announce that I will have two big shows coming up. First off is Kurt Russell: Deep Cuts, check out this mega cool flyer featuring Paul Shipper artwork:

This will be held at the The Public Works SF on August 27, 2016 with a wicked cool event time of 7pm-2am. I will be attending/partying in person, so come down and check it out. All the info is here on the FACEBOOK link. You know you have love for the KURT!

In September , I will have four original art coasters in La Luz De Jesus Gallery's 4th Annual Coaster Art Show. This is one of my all time favorite group shows! Check out La Luz De Jesus Gallery's WEBSITE for all the details and previews!



Tragedy Mask Pin Available Now and the Enamel Pin craze!

Hey all,  I wanted to announce that I've just released my 2nd Soft Enamel Pin. "Tragedy Mask" pins that are inspired by The Crow and Brandon Lee. Here is a look how they turned out:

I'm pretty excited about the possibilities of creating and designing enamel pins, I've only created two so far, but have designs for so many more. I think it's becoming a new craze, the collecting and making of these pins. It's a wonderful way to collect and show off a piece of art by an artist you admire. I'm collecting and trading up a storm lately.  I will have some exciting releases coming up this year, so keep updated. Here is a look at my two pins together:

If you are interested in purchasing one (or both) for yourself or loved ones, go HERE to buy. 

In addition Creature Features in Burbank, California have a small number of "Green Bat Creature" Pins available IN STORE at their Burbank location. This is a great store for collectors of Special Effects Makeup, Monster movies and anything Science Fiction/Fantasy. My pin seems to fit right in, look for it in their "Dracula Case" next time you're in! Check out Creature Features hours and info HERE on their website. 

Double Art openings in LA! Torrance Art walk and Roald Dahl Art Show!

Hey all,  This upcoming weekend (6/25, 6/26) I will have back to back Art showings and original artwork for sale. First, the good folks over at APC Fine Arts gallery in Torrance (One of my frequent printers) is taking part in the annual Torrance Art Walk. I will have three original pieces from the vault, including something very popular pieces that will be available for only a limited time. It will run from 4pm to 8pm on Saturday June 25th, along main street in Torrance, California. Here is the ad with a featured image by me and the full map. Looks to be an exciting night. 

And Sunday June 26th, the following day I will have an original piece in Creature Feature's new group art show: 

A group art show honoring the work of Roald Dahl, his life and the upcoming adaption of BFG  being directed by Steven Spielberg. Come to Creature Features in Burbank, Ca. The show starts in the afternoon at 1pm. Come see all the inspired artwork!

Info about the Show HERE