Natural Cannabis Company and Juztapoz Magazine High Art Creative Contest Submission.

I created an original illustration for this year's High Art 2018 Cannabis Creative Contest. The theme was "Freedom" and also a underlining theme of cannabis as a muse. 

My piece "Mary Jane Above The City" was created as a traditional drawing and then brought back in to Photoshop to add textures and color. The final image is something I'm certainly proud of and I feel captures the two themes set forth by the contest.

A blurb about my piece here: "For my piece I wanted to explore the theme of "Freedom" from the perspective of a city dweller who uses cannabis to free themselves from the stresses and trappings of urban life."


Here is more info about the contest: HIGH ART 2018


Wishlist 3.0 at The Gabba Gallery - Opens November 14th.

I wanted to give a little more info about an upcoming show i'm in November. Wishlist 3.0 at The Gabba Gallery in Los Angeles, California will have an opening reception on November 14th (and will run until December 20th). It will be a cash and carry show, which means that if you purchase any of the artwork in the show, you can take it home with you right then!  Here is a TEASE of one of my two original pieces that will be available to own. I think I know what is on your Holiday Wishlist!