Crazy4Cult 11 and 31st Annual Drawing Exhibition at La Luz De Jesus Gallery.

Hey guys, I will have two upcoming and exciting shows! I will be debut two new pins for Gallery1988's annual Crazy4Cult group art show. Opening Reception will be from 7-10pm on Friday, November 17th, 2017.  For more Info: Gallery1988


And on December 1st, 2017 I am honored to be asked to create a piece for the amazing (Now 31st annual!) Drawing Show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Feliz.  Stay tuned for online previews coming this month. For more info: La Luz De Jesus




31st Anniversary Drawing Show
Exhibition: December 1-31
Reception: Fri. Dec. 1, 8-11 PM

2017 is our 31st year of continuous, monthly exhibitions.

Think about that: La Luz de Jesus Gallery is 31 years old! Some of the artists in this show weren’t even born yet when Billy Shire decided to clear out the storage apartment at the corner of Melrose and Martel, upstairs from his flagship Soap Plant shop with marked purpose. His vision: to showcase the incredible, ethnic folk art he brought back from Mexico, Guatemala, and museum quality pieces from Asia and elsewhere alongside that of his talented friends–people who were finding a hard time being taken seriously by the art establishment of the era in spite of their technical prowess. His experiment has spawned a legacy. The renewed interest in illustration art resultant from his gallery’s success influenced the zeitgeist, and launched industries. The lowbrow movement of California Art (which in turn informed the Pop Surrealists that followed) influenced fashion, television, film and culture. The rest, as they say, is history.

The 31st Anniversary Drawing Show is an invitational event that traces the history of Post-Pop in its birthplace.
We chose from the best illustrators featured in the 31 year history of La Luz de Jesus to create a new, original drawing for this show, allowing us to trace a line all the way from Robert Williams to Annie Owens.

Since this is a drawing show, the work will be graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, ink or ballpoint pen, watercolor and/or gouache on paper. Whatever the preferred technique, the dominant medium of expression will classify the work as a drawing. All works are
16×20″ or smaller before framing.

The last time we embarked on something this ambitious was for our 25th anniversary book project back in 2011. The last six years have been particularly fertile and we expect this show will close out the year on an exceptionally high note.

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Contact gallery director Matt Kennedy for more specific info by email or by phone: (323)666-7667



Memes Art show at Gallery 1988 (West) Opening Reception April 14th, 2017

I will have an original piece on display along with a very limited edition of prints for MEMES. This show is such a great idea, artwork inspired by internet memes! Memes opens April 14th at Gallery 1988 (West Location) I've teased some images via my Instagram already but here is the advert for the show (Artwork by Scott Balmer):

About the show: "We open Memes, a celebration of our favorite things on the internet. Join us from 7-9 at 7308 Melrose Ave for one of our favorite shows of the year. It will be your first opportunity to pick up work, then online the following day at for remaining works."

And some of my previews here:




Mattel: An Art Tribute to 70 Years Of Toys - Opening Reception Recap!

Mattel: An Art Tribute To 70 Years Of Toys opened Friday Aug 14th at Gallery1988 West in LA. It was a very nostalgic presentation of official artwork curated by the super talented artist Dave Perillo . I feel honored to be among the selected artists chosen for this show. My submission "Clawtron" , a Fisher Price Adventure People inspired piece, proved to have many fans! I had no idea where he would fall on people's memory spectrum. For me, He will forever be connected to the Star Wars franchise. I had him in my toy box along with all my other reject cantina aliens. Clawtron was even cool enough to rub shoulders with Darth Vader on some adventure occasions (all my doing, mind you).  So anyways I wanted to share some pictures from the night. Enjoy! -Nathan

Nathan Anderson (L) and Dave Perillo (R)

Nathan Anderson (L) and Dave Perillo (R)

Rich Pellegrino (Top Left), Jason Edmiston (Top Right) Vintage toys provided by Mattel (Bottom) 

Rich Pellegrino (Top Left), Jason Edmiston (Top Right) Vintage toys provided by Mattel (Bottom) 

"Clawtron" by Nathan Anderson (NAARRT)

"Clawtron" by Nathan Anderson (NAARRT)

Nathan Anderson (L), Clawtron (middle), Truck Torrance/100%soft (R)

Nathan Anderson (L), Clawtron (middle), Truck Torrance/100%soft (R)

Slash Film Coverage of Mattel Art Tribute Show

Toys Rule! Check out the article (and my featured preview spot!) about Gallery 1988 and Mattel's upcoming Mattel: A Tribute To 70 Years Of Toys. Check out the full article at SLASH FILM. The show opens Friday, August 14th, Opening Reception Friday 7 - 10pm. Gallery 1988 (West).